What Subscribers Of Dish Network® May Need To Know About Sling TV®

Over-the-Air Streaming

Dish Network® now offers subscribers, who do not have access to local broadcast channels, an option to add an Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna as prepaid in their Sling TV® subscription. This add-on to their streaming service will let the subscribers’ of Dish Network® access local channels via satellite.

If subscribers prepay for Sling TV® for two months, they get a free indoor antenna of Winegard. What’s more, if users subscribe the service from Dish Network® three months in advance, they can get Sling TV’s AirTV set-top box for Over-the-Air streaming alongside an antenna and an adapter for tuning.

The move from Dish Network® may seem surprising to the faction of cord cutters who do not pay for pay TV services from cable giants but access alternate services instead. Not many may know of the facility to use a digital antenna to stream TV on internet, which include the 90’s generation especially. Those were the days when people were only coming to terms with internet and familiarize with optional antennas.

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Winegard Indoor Antennas

The move from Dish Network® also comes at a time when the pay TV segment has seen a rise in terms of competition as services such as DirecTV Now® from AT&T® and YouTube® TV from Google® are affiliates of major broadcast channels in the US. Yet again, as many people watch sports on internet-based channels, the new offer by Sling TV® will help those who live in rural areas subscribe to Dish Network®.

The satellite carrier now offers the Winegard indoor antennas to the subscribers of who live in countryside areas where local channels are hard to access through Sling TV® service. The Winegard indoor antenna has a retail price of $59.99 in the physical stores. However, if you qualify for the offer based on your geography and satellite reach, you can get the add-on from Dish Network®, which is one of the best satellite providers in the US, for a much lesser price.

For the new subscribers buying an antenna in any case, or those who are planning to subscribe to Sling TV®, the move from Dish Network® is worth the try. With advancements in technology and with the pace of cord cutting continuing to rise in the market, the subscribers can get more such offers from the cable giants in the US. And that will make the cable segment more competitive.

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