Which Service Should You Go For Dish Or DirecTV

DirecTV Vs Dish
Dish Or DirecTV

We all know that Dish and DirecTV are two of the best satellite TV providers in the U.S. As per the mails we get and the ads they show on TV, the deals offered by both companies are too good to be true. But, the reason behind the great deals is quite obvious; both Dish and DirecTV are fiercely competing for customers. This has also caused the prices of the services to go down.

The most important factors when signing up for a subscription with any satellite TV service are customer satisfaction and quality. When DirecTV vs Dish are compared, we notice that both offer a 24-hour helpline for their customers. However, Dish Network goes a step ahead and monitors its dealers to see if they are doing a decent job. One of their dealers even won the JD Power and Associates award for top customer satisfaction for two years in row.

Dish Network Packages
Dish TV Packages

Regardless of the current financial system, everyone wants to get the best deal, and often price is the most important factor for most of the customers. When it comes to offering good services at competitive prices, Dish Network stays at the top. Dish subscription prices are so low, that they beat DirecTV by a slight margin and cable TV by a landslide.

Another thing that you need to consider before signing up for a satellite TV subscription is programming. Dish Network offers more than 256 channels to its subscribers. A football fan can sign up for Dish Network’s 231 NFL pre- season, post season, and regular season game, without purchasing an expensive pack. Dish also has more all-inclusive foreign programming packages and international programming options than what its prime competitors offer.

DirecTV and Dish Network also provide many incentives to new subscribers, such as a free DVR with the capacity to store up to 100 hours of programming. Most of us lead a busy lifestyle, and with such a device, we won’t have to miss any our favorite TV shows.

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