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Xfinity Internet
Xfinity® Instant TV

These days, numerous providers are offering their own live television streaming service. You now have Sling® and DirecTV Now®, as well as newcomers YouTube TV and, with T-Mobile® all set to join the fray. One streaming service you definitely should check out though is Comcast’s Xfinity® Instant TV. This service is exclusive to people getting Xfinity® Internet.

How Much Does it Cost, and What Channels Would you Get?

The lowest starting price in live TV streaming is $18 per month. For this much, you can get local broadcast networks (including CBS, FOX, and NBC), and all public, educational and governmental channels. You also get a DVR for recording these shows.

How it Compares to Others

This is the cheapest offer out there, but may not be the best one. Sling TV’s $20 per month Orange Pack may be a stronger contender, giving you the FOX and NBC broadcast networks, sports programming, including ESPN, NBA TV, the NHL Network, and cable networks, including Comedy Central, History, Food Network, IFC, the Travel Channel and A&E.

Upgrade Options

This would give you a richer channel list to compete with what Sling® or DirecTV Now® offer, but that would mean spending more money each month. Channels such as Freeform, National Geographic, TLC, Nickelodeon, and Disney can be unlocked with the Kids & Family package for $10 extra. For FX, Comedy Central, AMC, and USA, you would have to get the Entertainment package for $15 more per month.

Live Television Streaming
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The highest premium would be paid by sports fans and live-news watchers, who would want to get ESPN, CNN, and their competitors. They would have to shell out a whopping $35 extra each month. HBO comes for an added $15 per month, which is the exact same price when you get it as an HBO Now® subscription.

If you can make do with simply one of the upgrade packages, the cost can be justified. Certain Instant TV packages are not available in all markets, which is why Xfinity® is having users sign up for a one-month free trail to check out what is available in their area.

If you want a combination of news, entertainment, sports, and kids content, you would be spending $78 each month, which is very close to what you would be paying for regular Comcast® cable. If you want a deeper catalog rod something between $20 and $40, you should check out the entry-level packages for Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now®, PlayStation Vue and Sling TV®.

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