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The best internet provider, Comcast® has announced the launch of the “xFi Advanced Security”, an AI-enabled service from XFINITY® that monitors, blocks as well as informs its subscribers of online threats to connected devices of them.

The new XFINITY® service uses AI as well as machine learning to monitor as well as analyze wireless traffic, and will block identified suspicious online activity automatically in real time. With a simple and intuitive UI, the technology will let Comcast® subscribers know of blocked threats, and when required, gives instructions on ways to further secure devices affected by them.

“As the digital world gets more complex, we wanted to make it simple and easy for our customers to protect their home networks. That’s why we developed xFi Advanced Security,” said Fraser Stirling, Comcast Cable’s senior VP of Digital Home, Devices, and AI. “We want to give customers digital peace of mind for the devices they already own and the confidence to expand and evolve their connected homes knowing that every new camera, voice-assisted speaker or smart thermostat they add will be protected.”

The feature protects residential customers’ devices connected to the Advanced Gateway of XFINITY®. Protection is extended automatically to a device connected to the network by Ethernet or wirelessly. Subscribers can review digital security-related actions taken from the XFINITY® xFi dashboard, accessible from the xFi app or its online platform. This seamless user experience is possible since the technology behind the xFi Advanced Security is integrated into XFINITY® xFi gateways.

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The xFi Advanced Security feature is the latest addition to the xFi platform, which provides residential subscribers with a digital dashboard to both set up as well as manage their Wi-Fi networks. They can view which devices are connected to their network, resolve issues, configure parental controls, receive notifications concerning activities on their residential network, and pause Wi-Fi access to certain devices for security purpose.

Customers can also make sure Wi-Fi coverage throughout their house by adding XFINITY® xFi Pods. They have to be plugged into a power outlet for use, to expand connectivity to tough to reach areas in their house.

The new service from Comcast XFINITY® is available to its subscribers who rent xFi gateway. Subs can also disable the feature if they need for some time, though it will lose them round the clock threat monitoring as well as real-time reporting on their residential network.

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