AT&T® Subscribers in Fletcher Town Face a Continuous Service Outage

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Continuous Service Outage

Some of the AT&T® subscribers in Fletcher Town, Northern Carolina recently complained that they are facing a service outage over the last few days. Customers living in and around the River Stone area of the town said that the representatives of the Telco have made an apology, but they are yet to get back internet and television service. AT&T® has a customer service Twitter handle through which the resident made queries. The representative of the Telco is yet to come up with an answer regarding the cause of service outage.

“I don’t believe they (AT&T®) care very much,” said Richard Goodall, a resident of Fletcher Town. “It’s not just our television, it’s U-Verse® and internet service. This is 2017. The world relies on the internet, and we don’t have the internet.”

“It’s AT&T® that keeps telling you different things,” said another resident Palmer-White. “It goes from just being your house to, no, it’s everybody (having outages), to, it’s just your house.”

Speaking on behalf of AT&T®, the Public Relations Manager, Josh Gelinas said that the outage is related to hardware and added that only a handful of subscribers may be affected. Gelinas also reaffirmed to the consumers in Fletcher Town that the company is fully aware of the outage and is going to address the same sooner rather than later. However, the AT&T® consumers are still waiting for accesses to the best internet and cable service.

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Richard Goodall also expressed a skepticism regarding the Telco’s assurance and expressed the length of the outage which is nine days as reported. He and his spouse Linda Goodall said that AT&T® has arranged technical assistance by calling the Telco’s representatives but the technician is yet to arrive for the service as promised.

An outage to the best internet service especially tends to put consumers without connectivity for longer than they may not want to and makes communication over the web impossible. However, the same goes true for the landline connection.

“I’m using up my cell minutes, particularly data, which AT&T® certainly isn’t going to reimburse me for,” said Ed Wainwright who also resides in the River Stone area. “And that’s costing me additional dollars. And, if they do fix this, then we have to go through the cycle of getting their billing department to get credit for the service loss.”

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