AT&T® Tests Structure Monitoring System to Improve Infrastructure and Commuting

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Structure Monitoring System

AT&T® recently tested a structure monitoring system considering the present infrastructure in the US and in part of their Smart Cities offerings focused on Internet of Things. The representatives of AT&T® reckon that around half of the bridges in America are over 5 decades old, and that many of the railways and roadways are seldom accessed because they reside in remote areas. That is why the fastest internet provider is planning to improve the roadways and railways infrastructure.

The reps of AT&T® spoke about this need at the CES event held in Las Vegas. The Telco said that most bridges could be monitored with their IoT based solution. “Safety is a top concern of citizens and cities alike. This concern extends beyond the realm of crime and natural disasters. It also includes the safety of our infrastructure,” said AT&T® Smart Cities General Manager, Mike Zeto. “We’re pleased to test this solution, which will allow for smart infrastructure analysis and monitoring.”

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AT&T’s LTE Network

Chosen infrastructures would get Long Term Evolution enabled sensors of AT&T® for monitoring the structural factors from a remote place. The LTE sensors that measures things such as tilts and cracks also has a mechanism to alert on triggers and mail alerts on important events in future. The sensors monitor that by taking readings each 8 hours prior to transmitting the data to a cloud network for further analysis through AT&T’s LTE network.

According to AT&T®, this would allow close to real time monitoring of structures over the web, help to improve the planning and safety, and will lessen the requirement to inspect structures in person. The ‘Smart Cities Structure Monitoring’ of AT&T® would join other solution suites that comprise of offerings for smart energy and irrigation. In fact, the fastest internet provider started ‘Smart Cities’ organization in 2015 and has trailed a framework for infrastructural development in select U.S. cities and municipalities.

AT&T® calls the initiative as spotlight city program. Atlanta was the first to sign up as one of the spotlight cities and others continues to follow suit since its launch in 2015’s fall. For Texas and Dallas, AT&T® has collaborated with the Dallas Innovation Alliance in order to make a ‘living lab,’ which will address the challenges on parking and sustainability. At the same time, the Telco has teamed with public transport providers in the Montgomery area to help commuters stay informed on traffic delays.

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