Broadband Users to Get Video Streaming Set-Top Boxes Soon

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Comcast® is arguably the biggest cable TV and fastest internet provider in the United States of America. According to sources, Comcast® is all set to launch video streaming set-top boxes for their existing broadband users in 2019. By using this product, Comcast® customers can access many online video streaming services such as Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

The set-top box will come with a voice-activated remote control that resembles the devices featured by Amazon and Apple. Note that just like the Apple TV, the set-up box will also allow its users to control the internet-connected appliances and their smart home devices using the voice control remote. In short, the company is planning to market their new product as the ‘hub to the connected home’.

Since this new product comes with a full host of video streaming services, there is a speculation that Comcast® launched this product to challenge similar devices such as Apple and Amazon Fire TV. However, the company is offering this product to their internet customers as an add-on to their existing services. It is to be noted that the customers will not be able to install the apps that they like using the product though.

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The number of apps or services that can be accessed by using this unannounced product is not yet revealed. However, it is reported that users will not be able to access cable bundles using this new platform, even though the exiting digital platform of Comcast® X1 combines their streaming apps with cable TV channels. At the same time, broadband users will have the option to rent their favorite shows or movies and can upgrade to a Comcast® video package.

The company has not disclosed the date of release of this new product either. When it comes to subscription charges, it is implied that the users will have to pay a monthly fee just like their cable or modem charges. Nevertheless, the company has not yet decided how much they would charge for the set-top box.

The executives at Comcast® did not spill any beans about their new product. However, it is reported that the product will be offered only to the broadband customers of Comcast®. Last month, Comcast® announced that they successfully added 334,000 residential broadband customers in the third quarter. The company also said that they find broadband as the primary option for the growth of their telecommunications business. Currently, around 25 million households in the United States access to the broadband services offered by Comcast®.

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