CenturyLink® and Ciena Join Hands to Offer BVCOG With Private Network

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CenturyLink® and Ciena have partnered to provide a private network to the Brazos Valley Council of Governments (BVCOG) that will close the digital divide between the metropolitan and rural areas. This new network will support 911 emergency responses, public safety initiatives, workforce development, and many other government organizations.

BVCOG is a multipurpose voluntary organization that serves 315,000 plus citizens representing seven counties spreading across 5,109 square miles in central Texas. These counties were previously able to access high-speed broadband through satellite or wireless internet in the city centers only, whereas the rural areas had access only to high cost and low speed internet services. Many residents said that CenturyLink® is setting a good example for the other internet providers by partnering with Ciena to offer the private network.

As per the details from Ciena, BVCOG decided to build the private optical network to increase the service access to internet speeds of up to 10 Gigabytes per second for the various economic development agencies, to have efficient diagnostics in healthcare organizations and for improved telemetry. This private optical network is funded partially by the Healthcare Connect Fund, and aims to connect rural clinics, hospitals, and schools offering healthcare services.

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“Hospitals leveraging new telemetry and diagnostic services are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come with this enhanced network,” said Kevin Sheehan, who is the Ciena vice president for strategic sales and market development. “Ciena’s packet-optical technology combined with CenturyLink’s dedicated support proved to be the right combination to implement BVCOG’s network vision.”

The optical network that is powered by the 8700 Packetwave Platform and 3930 Service Delivery Switches of Ciena is now live and they expect to finish all the works of the network by 2019. “CenturyLink® worked closely with our partner Ciena to deploy a robust network in Brazos Valley that delivers crucial networking needs to healthcare service providers, government groups and businesses so they can execute on their organization’s digital transformation initiatives and better serve area residents,” said Terence Gleeson, who is the vice president for strategic partner alliances at CenturyLink®.

Ciena has also provided their 8700 Packetwave Platform to empower other fiber optic networks to offer services at rates as high as 100 G Ethernet, which includes the fiber optic network of the connectivity provider Global Capacity.

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