CenturyLink® Equips US Bank Stadium Network for Super Bowl

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CenturyLink® is responsible for the technology upgrades at Minneapolis’s US Bank Stadium everything from the large-screen TV to the Wi-Fi facility and video streams. If you are an NFL fan in the stadium for the Super Bowl event on Sunday or around its premises, you can access the network equipped by the fastest internet provider.

“It’s been an extremely exciting project,” said Jesse Sullivan, the Director of Smart Solutions of CenturyLink®. “The biggest thing now is getting everything perfect for Super Bowl Sunday.”

Referring to the power outage that occurred amidst the Baltimore Ravens versus San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl in 2013 held at the Superdome Stadium in New Orleans, Sullivan said, “We don’t want the lights to go out,” in the much anticipated game between Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

CenturyLink® is one of the partners that found the US Bank Stadium, which is home to the Minnesota Vikings. “We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the fans, the stadium’s owner and the biggest tenant, the Vikings,” Sullivan said. “This wasn’t our first stadium project, but it was our most comprehensive. It was the first where we’ve provided 100 percent of the technology in an NFL venue.”

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CenturyLink® designed, equipped, and continues to show support to the event with technology or “the brains of the inside of the stadium,” as Sullivan puts it forth. Apart from the tech upgrades at the US Bank Stadium, all of the other stadium partners and vendors from lighting to HVAC to security to ticketing function on the CenturyLink® network.

“All of those platforms have to be integrated into our network,” Sullivan added. “At the end of the day, our goal is to create a unique fan experience. We have a vested interest in making it perfect.” CenturyLink® equipped the stadium with 1400 wireless access points that enable internet deployment to 70,000 mobiles at once.

The successful infrastructural build out of the NFL stadium for the Super Bowl has paved way for other similar projects from CenturyLink® in the past. One such project is Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena, the home ground of Detroit Pistons featuring in the NBA and Red Wings in the NHL. “These venues are a perfect place to showcase what we can do with our technology,” Sullivan said on behalf of CenturyLink®.

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