CenturyLink® Wants FCC to Continue to Oversee Interconnection Agreements

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Oversee Interconnection Agreements

One of the fastest internet providers in the country, CenturyLink® recently stated that they want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to continue overseeing the interconnection agreements that CenturyLink® and other internet providers enter for carrying and exchanging network traffic. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the FCC will be soon voting on a new net neutrality proposal, which was circulated by the chairman, Ajit Pai.

As the dependency of businesses and customers on high-speed internet service for access and for interacting with high bandwidth content is on the rise, more and more providers are signing interconnection agreements with service providers. Consequently, CenturyLink®, who is the fastest internet provider in several parts of the country, has also signed interconnection agreements with plenty of service providers just like other providers such as Verizon® and AT&T®.

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Title I Information Service

In a recent FCC filing, the internet service provider stated that the FCC “should not relinquish authority over Internet traffic exchange arrangements” if the newly proposed net neutrality rules get approved during the meeting. In addition to that, the telecom company also added, “Should the Commission adopt an Order reclassifying broadband internet access service as a Title I information service and assert Title I jurisdiction over internet traffic, the Commission should also clearly state that it can and will be available to resolve significant issues related to the associated policies and rules that give rise to such Title I jurisdiction.”

The telecom giant also added that if there happens to an issue or dispute between them and an interconnection partner, then the FCC should step in and help the parties to resolve the pricing disputes. The officials from CenturyLink® said, “For example, should the issue arise, the Commission alone is able to determine whether terminating access charges for internet traffic would be consistent with the public interest for the underlying telecommunications and associated voice communications, its obligation to encourage the deployment of advanced telecommunications capability, and to ensure that other jurisdictions do not adopt conflicting policies.”

A couple of years ago, CenturyLink® signed a huge large-scale interconnection agreement with Cogent, an IP transit provider. During that time, Cogent was trying to establish interconnection agreement with incumbent cable operators and Telcos after the passage of the 2015 net neutrality rules. Cogent currently has interconnection agreements with Comcast®, AT&T®, Charter®, and many other providers.

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