Charter® Responds to the Statements of FCC Chairman

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The fourth-largest cable company in the United States, Charter Communications® recently offered an argument for the Washington DC regulators. In addition to that, the officials from Charter® also added that they are testing their 5G wireless technology in about 6 different markets.

In a press release announcing the initiative, Charter Communications® said, “Charter® believes fixed wireless access technologies at lower frequencies could be suitable for rural broadband, providing wireline-like broadband connectivity and speeds, and is conducting trials in the 3.5 GHz band. Accordingly, with the FCC in the midst of proceedings to examine the steps it can take to facilitate the deployment of broadband, and Congress and the Administration working on ways to enhance America’s broadband infrastructure, it is important that the policies and regulations adopted don’t favor one technology over another.”

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the recent statement made by the telecom giant might be a response to the new stance taken by Ajit Pai, who is the chairman of FCC. Pai has recently stated that mobile broadband service is never a full substitute for fixed services. The FCC had also written, “Mobile services are not full substitutes for fixed services—there are salient differences between the two technologies.”

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In addition to that, Pai also added that his 2018 Broadband Deployment Report “notes there are differences between the two technologies, including clear variations in consumer preferences and demands. As a result, the draft report evaluates progress in deploying fixed broadband service as well as progress in deploying mobile broadband service and takes a holistic approach to evaluating the deployment of these services.”

Charter® responded to this statement made by the FCC chairman and said that, “Regulatory parity is also important to maintain and advance competition in the broadband marketplace. Policies or regulations that place more costs and burdens on one side or the other undermine competition, which ultimately harms consumers, innovation, and investment.”

The officials further added, “Whether it’s testing 5G technologies, investing in broadband infrastructure or expanding the reach of our wired network, we are committed to doing more to deliver better and faster broadband to more communities – large and small, urban and suburban. Smart, technology-neutral policies, coupled with appropriate streamlining measures, will advance these efforts and we look forward to working with policymakers to get it right.”

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