Charter® Rolls out Spectrum Mobile® to New and Existing Subscribers

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Charter Communications® launched Spectrum Mobile®, their much-anticipated mobile service with a similar business model to compete with XFINITY Mobile® from Comcast®. Note that these two cable and internet providers have created an operating platform corroboration that focuses on design and development of backend systems meant to support the said mobile services.

Spectrum Mobile® will be accessible to customers in two options – a $45 per month unlimited plan that allows 20 GB data prior to speed throttling starts, and another plan priced at $14 per GB. In other words, in that plan, customers of the mobile service from Charter® can pay for each gigabyte of data they want to consume. Further, both mobile plans from the fastest internet provider comprise free nationwide text and talk.

Spectrum Mobile® also provides mobile devices with per-month installment plans that are free of interest. They now include that of brands LG and Samsung, but the company says that more devices will soon be available to the customers of Spectrum Mobile®. Much like Comcast’s offering titled XFINITY Mobile®, this one from Charter® is designed to rely on their wireless network besides tapping into 4G LTE Wi-Fi network of Verizon® when Wi-Fi is not available through an MNVO tie-up.

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The executives of Charter® have announced the Spectrum Mobile® service, to the presspersons and investment analysts, as a way to expand the company’s wireline broadband business. With Comcast®, Charter’s wireless business corroborator, reporting 577,000 XFINITY Mobile® subscribers by Q1 this year, and Altice USA preparing to launch an MNVO-based service in partnership with Sprint Corporation® next year, Wall Street analysts are bullish about the fact that cable industry is gravitating toward the wireless business.

“Wireless executives had been dismissive of cable’s foray into wireless, and the economics of the MVNO model in an unlimited world; however, following Comcast’s early success (Comcast® added more phone customers than Verizon® and AT&T® in 2017), we think the companies, and investors, are more sensitive to this risk,” the analysts at Morgan Stanley Research said.

They even added that it estates Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the cable segment will add about 2.2 million mobile phone subscribers by 2020, or close to fifty percent of the total net subscriber additions in the industry.

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