Charter Spectrum® Launches Two Streaming Services for Cable Subscribers

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Charter Spectrum®, which is one of the best cable providers in the US, recently launched two new streaming services titled TV Choice and TV Stream for their subscribers. The streaming services come to the market just as Spectrum® upgraded their cable delivery system to digital, which necessitate customers to have converter boxes on TV sets. Since the streaming services require digital converter boxes, it is not an option for Spectrum® subscribers to cut the cord to earn savings on monthly cable invoices.

“We continue to launch new traditional and Stream video products to better serve the consumer demand for more choice. We believe non-video Internet-only customers are interested in a smaller, lower-priced bundle. We want to meet the needs of all our customers,” said the Senior Director of Communications at Charter®, Lara Pritchard.

The streaming services of Spectrum® have similarities to those provided by their market rivals. Much like other streaming services, Spectrum® subscribers would require an internet service with router or modem, and a streaming device or stick. The TV Stream service comprises some national networks and local channels that are available on Spectrum’s basic cable service.

Unlike traditional cable, those who subscribe to Spectrum® TV Choice would also get la carte streaming options. The streaming service would allow its subscribers to choose an optional ten channels from basic cable choices and national networks. Apart from that, TV Choice subs would also have accesses to thousands of On-Demand video content.

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The optional add-on channels comprise sports, premium, International, and news tiers with DVR service to boot. The prices of traditional cable service would vary according to the tier packages chosen by Spectrum® customers, as well as depend on whether they have internet and telephone service. Thus, it is tough to compare Spectrum® streaming service and best cable deals or bundled packages, but market experts say that streaming service’s cost would be similar to some of their cable offerings.

Note that Spectrum® offers the 2-part streaming service to customers who have double play bundles, comprising internet and voice, or to those who subscribe to their internet only plan. Last month, the cable operator completed upgrading their delivery system to digital-only. So, instead of connecting the cable line to TV sets, the subscribers now require a separate converter box for each TV.

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