Comcast® and Viacom® Enter an Advanced Advertising Tie-Up

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Advanced Advertising Tie-Up

The media company Viacom® and Comcast Cable® has entered a new partnership with regards to dynamic ad insertion into video on demand contents at first, and then linear television programming. This means Viacom® can insert advertisements to the set-top-boxes of residential customers of Comcast Cable®. The deal begins with ad stitching into VOD content and also involves insertion of targeted ads into linear TV programming.

The deal will make use of Viacom’s skill in distributing targeted ads and Freewheel’s data available on anonymized set-top-boxes of Comcast® customers. The cable giant acquired FreeWheel back in 2014. The partnership with Viacom® is tailor-made to make TV advertisement inventory more valuable and effective going forward. It is also a part of an ongoing movement of distributors and programmers teaming up for better utilizing the technology and data at their disposal for targeted advertising.

Comcast® and Fox Networks Group started selling addressable TV ads on their Video On Demand contents. These are the type of ads, which varies from household to household even as the programming being watched by customers remain the same. In fact, Comcast Cable® previously had a similar advertisement arrangement with their subsidiary, NBCUniversal.

Earlier in April, Comcast® also entered a partnership with Cox Communications® and Charter® to form an advanced advertising division within NCC Media, the representative firm owned by the 3 cable providers. Viacom® got data related to target audiences from Comcast® when NBCU joined OpenAP recently, which is the consortium that was formed for standardizing and simplifying the purchasing of media as per targeted audiences generated through concerned data.

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An announcement released at that time reads: “Advertisers and agencies using OpenAP will now benefit from the Freewheel Shared Insights Platform, one informed by non-personally identifiable set-top-box viewing data from Comcast® for specific advertising campaign planning purposes.”

When Viacom® extended their distribution partnership with Charter® in 2017, it also included a plan for a tie-up to use anonymized data from set-top-boxes of Charter® for advanced advertising. Viacom® and Charter® would also coproduce unique content exclusively for nationwide subscribers of Charter®. The partnerships are a part Viacom® Chief Executive Officer Bob Bakish’s plan to be even more corroborative with distributors.

“Today’s announcement reflects Viacom’s commitment to developing more expansive relationships with our distributors. This new partnership with Comcast® and FreeWheel builds on Viacom’s connections with valuable, diverse audiences and Comcast’s reach and data leadership, to create an advanced advertising platform with scale and sophistication,” said Viacom’s Executive Vice President and Chief Data Officer, Kern Schireson.

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