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Comcast® officials recently announced that they would soon add Newsmax TV to XFINITY® service. The news channel is owned by Christopher Ruddy, a close friend of President Donald Trump. This, and the anticipated addition of other distributors or cable providers, will expectedly help Newsmax to reach out to 80 million cable residences by the end of next year. Ruddy dais that Dish Network®, AT&T’s U-VERSE® and DIRECTV®, and Verizon Fios® have already agreed to carry the news channel on their networks.

Christopher Ruddy started his career in journalism as a New York Post reporter and in the same role for Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He has been open about his two-decade-long friendship with Donald Trump and about the membership he has in Florida’s Mar-a-Lago Club, which is owned by President Trump.

“I try to be supportive as a friend, but Newsmax is run as an independent news agency,” said Ruddy. He added that Newsmax would also run critical stories on President Trump’s policies or on the Trump Administration as deemed practical. He even said that other news outlets in the industry “don’t give a balanced perception of [Trump’s] achievements.”

Ruddy described the decision of the Philadelphia-based cable operator to add the news channel to its “Digital Starter” plan as a way to “help balance the ticket” amid conservative and liberal cable channels on Comcast XFINITY®.

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It is to be noted that while the usual trend among cable operators is to provide “skinny bundles” to customers with a fewer number of channels, the Philly-based cable giant said it has added 2 or 3 channels per year on a consistent basis to satisfy the demand or to refresh content. Live news has been a plus point for cable TV viewership even as OTT and streaming platforms attract viewers. So the addition of the news channel to XFINITY® is expected to boost Newsmax’s market share.

Ruddy said that he had been talking with Comcast® for 3 years and that he ultimately expects Newsmax to reach out to 15 million cable subs of XFINITY®. He has, however, not commented on the financial details of the deal or if the cable company would pay per-customer fees in order to distribute Newsmax. Yet experts say that in case the Philly-based company has not agreed to pay the fees, Newsmax will have to self-finance to support operations in NY and Florida’s Boca Raton with advertising.

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