Comcast® Extends Gigabit Internet in Service Areas in Florida

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Extends Gigabit Internet

Comcast® recently announced that gigabit internet service is being made available throughout most of their service area situated in Florida. This internet service of Comcast® delivers 1 Gbps speeds to both business and residential customers. Comcast® makes use of DOCSIS 3.1, a technology which enables them to deliver internet to both customers of both Xfinity® as well as Comcast Business® over communication lines exist in customers’ residence or offices.

The gigabit internet service launched in Comcast’s service areas includes cities Orlando, Tallahassee, Southwest Florida, and Treasure Coast. Comcast® first introduced the internet service with the use of DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem in the state in 2017, but only in Miami and Jacksonville areas.

“Comcast® is now delivering gigabit speeds across much of Florida over a network that already serves thousands of homes and businesses,” said Comcast’s Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for Florida Region, Javier Garcia. “As consumers and small businesses across the state continue to rely even more heavily on the internet, we have the advanced technology in place to meet this growing demand.”

Apart from residential Comcast® subscribers, the 1 Gbps internet service delivered with DOCSIS 3.1 would also be beneficial to small-scale businesses having a requirement for better download speeds as of now. Comcast® has made available their service tier plans namely Business Internet 500 and Business Internet 1 Gig for respective subscribers in Florida. Both speed tiers are set to complement other services offered to consumers of Comcast Business®, comprising Ethernet service. Since Comcast® has been expanding Ethernet service nationwide for a few years now, it can even support 100 Gbps speed over their fiber network.

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Comcast Xfinity® subscribers, who want to sign up for gigabit internet service, would need a cable modem that supports DOCSIS 3.1 standard such as xFi® Gateway. The recent announcement from Comcast® follows other strategies they have made to upgrade internet service speeds. For instance, the fastest internet provider recently added over 18 million of Wi-Fi hotspots in order to extend their nationwide wireless network. So, Comcast® customers can access a Wi-Fi hotspot from an available network on compatible devices by entering Xfinity® username and password.

The company often doubles their network capacity each 18 to 24 months, and courtesy of that, Comcast® has upgraded nationwide internet speeds 17 times over the previous 17 years.

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