Comcast® Launched a Security Feature to Safeguard Wi-Fi Connected Devices

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Comcast® is one of the best telecommunication companies in the United States that offers the best cable deals and internet offers to the customers. Recently, the fastest internet provider launched a security feature to protect all Wi-Fi connected devices in Chattanooga. With this security feature, the Comcast® consumers can easily monitor and block the online threats to their Wi-Fi connected devices at home. Note that some people may encounter some phishing threats and malware issues as they visit different websites. This security feature launched by Comcast® will protect their customers from all such online threats. Plus, it will also prevent remote access to your Wi-Fi connected devices from unknown sources and will report or notify you in case of any suspicious device activity.

The customers will have to pay a monthly subscription charge of $5.99 to avail this feature. Additionally, this latest XfinityxFi advanced security feature can be directly added to from the xFi app. This security feature employs machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to safeguard the private networks as well as all other connected devices attached to the home network of their consumers.

According to some studies, it is reported that every person living in North America will have access to an estimated number of 13 or more connected devices. However, most consumers do not have access to security tools or expertise that will let them keep their devices and network connection secure. Similarly, another study in the field reported that between 2016 and 2017, the number of attacks over internet-of-things devices spiked up by 600%. This explains that necessity of having an advanced security feature to secure your privacy.

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The director of public relations in the south region of Comcast®, Sara Jo Walker said, “In a high-tech city like Chattanooga, consumers have high expectations when it comes to Internet connectivity that goes beyond just broadband speeds. We compete every day with providers that offer different technologies, but customers continue to choose Comcast® because we offer an unparalleled experience that includes gigabit speeds across our footprint, the best Wi-Fi coverage, and controls in the home, and a network of nearly 19 million hotspots and more than 10,000 in Chattanooga.”

Furthermore, the advanced security feature launched by Comcast® employs a digital dashboard and simple user interface. Hence, the customers can easily see the devices that are connected to their network, set parental controls, troubleshoot issues adeptly, pause Wi-Fi action to certain devices while taking a break, and identify suspicious device activities and other online threats using this feature. The technology also provides information to their customers regarding how to secure the affected devices. In short, this Comcast® security future allows their users to set up and manage their home Wi-Fi networks efficiently.

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