Comcast® Signs a 10-Year Cable Franchise Agreement with Rochester City Council

Comcast Xfinity
Cable Franchise Agreement

Comcast® would soon upgrade their cable and internet service for the customers in Rochester now that the city council has approved a decade-long cable franchise alliance with the company on a 12 to 1 vote. Comcast Xfinity® is going to be available in Rochester and the Telco plans to improve the service center stores in more places in the city to deliver the competitive service.

“We welcome and applaud Comcast’s commitment to serve Rochester with its innovative services, and we are exceptionally pleased that Rochester will soon be able to offer another choice of television, internet and phone providers to our residents and growing list of business owners,” said the Rochester City Manager, Daniel Fitzpatrick.

Recent reports indicate that Fitzpatrick told the city councilors that breaking the monopoly in the cable cum broadband segment is technically feasible and is essential for the residents. Until now, Metrocast used to be the internet and cable provider in the city of Rochester, but not anymore. The news regarding the agreement between Comcast® and the city council has been doing the rounds for more than a month and this makes the sector more competitive.

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In fact, some of the council members have expressed reservations prior to voting for the 10-year franchise with Comcast® before the completion of Metrocast’s 1 year period may be unfavorable to the city. One of the council representatives, Tom Willis, said, “If we adopt the Comcast® agreement now, I’m afraid there is no incentive for Metrocast to even want to stay here,” showing a reservation taking into consideration the public interest. However, many were in favor of competency as the voting results show.

“There are concerns we can’t overlook, and I think it is too early to vote on this as is,” said Terence O’Rourke, the city attorney. He also urged the councilors to vote for the best internet provider keeping the emotions at bay. Apart from serving the residents and the business consumers with broadband and cable, officials from the Telco said that they plan to upgrade the network by the next year.

In addition to bringing the broadband network and cable broadcast to Rochester city, the franchise agreement with Comcast® would also bring the city council minor percentage fees from sponsoring for local and education channels.

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