Comcast® Starts Streaming Programming of Sling TV® to X1 Platform

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Xfinity® X1 Platform

Comcast® now provides streaming accesses to Dish Network’s Sling TV® programming having integrated several international channels on Xfinity® X1 set-top-box that supports cloud-based DVR functions. In the past, both the cable and satellite providers came to an agreement on this. Comcast® has started to roll out Sling TV® application to some X1 TV boxes and feels that the app can be made available for eligible customer base in the upcoming weeks. As per the reports, around sixty percent residential pay TV customers of Comcast® stream programming on X1 platform so they will be able to use the app once the cable operator completes its rollout.

The Sling TV® app on Xfinity® X1 will initially provide accesses to over 395 multicultural channels from the international programming list of the pay TV service that comprise of programming in twenty-one languages, including French, Italian, German, Polish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam.

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Cloud-Based DVR Functions

Since Sling TV® app is integrated to Xfinity® X1 TV boxes through public internet streaming traffic would depend on data caps set by Comcast®. Pricing of Sling TV® channels, which will be delivered via the said set-top-box, will be ditto to what the pay TV’s direct customers pay. The best internet provider has not disclosed financial terms concerning the agreement, but it is reported that the affordable pay TV service of the satellite giant will own subscriber relationship.

For instance, in case a subscriber signs up through X1, he or she will have to feed a credit card for the same, and Sling TV® will charge on a monthly basis for the Over-the-Top service. In addition, current customers of the pay TV service of Dish Network® can sign into Sling® International application and access Video on Demand programming that is part of a bundled package through the set-top-box. On the other hand, new customers can sign-up via the said application on Xfinity® X1 to stream real-time content.

As per the pact between Comcast® and Dish Network®, the starting phase of the rollout of the OTT-service will focus on international channels of Sling TV®. The application integrated to X1 boxes would provide residential customers accesses to Orange and Blue multichannel packages of Sling TV®. The integration of the service by Comcast® serves as a follow-up to previous launching of similar OTT-services by the cable provider.

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