Comcast® to Offer High-Speed Internet Service in West Michigan

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One of the best internet providers in the United States, Comcast Corporation® recently announced that they would be offering a faster internet service to their customers in West Michigan by the end of this month. The officials from the telecom giant also announced that the new internet service would deliver a maximum internet speed of 1 Gigabit-per-second to both business and residential customers in the area. In addition to that, Comcast® also stated that the announced speeds are among the fastest and will also be available to all their customers.

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the latest high-speed internet service is available across most of the service areas covered by Comcast® in West Michigan, including Grand Rapids. In addition, Comcast® subscribers who are living in north Allegan County, Kent County, and some parts of Ottawa County will also be eligible to enjoy the greater internet speed offered by the fastest internet provider.

The newly announced 1 Gigabit Internet service of Comcast Corporation® will incorporate the use of DOCSIS 3.1 technology. This innovative technology will allow Comcast Business® and Xfinity® Internet subscribers to receive gigabit speeds over the communications lines at their offices or homes.

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In a recent statement, the senior vice president of Comcast’s Heartland region, Tim Collins said, “As consumers and small businesses continue to rely even more heavily on the internet, we have the advanced technology in place to meet this growing demand.”

Apart from that, Rosalynn Bliss, who is the Mayor of Grand Rapids, highly praised the new technology investment of the telecom company for aligning with the economic development efforts of the city. Bliss said, “The ability to say 1 gig service is available citywide has tremendous value as we seek to attract residents and businesses to Grand Rapids.”

It is crucial to note that Comcast Corporation® will charge an amount of $140 a month for the residential 1 Gigabit service. However, the good news is that customers will not have to sign a term contract with the telecom company in order to gain access to this high-speed internet service. Customers who wish to sign up for this new internet service from Comcast® should also note that they would need to have a DOCSIS 3.1-capable modem to get access to the service.

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