Cox® Announces Positive Results of a Survey on Connect2compete

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Recently, the fastest internet provider Cox Communications® announced a Connect2Compete survey’s positive results. It is a Cox® broadband internet program for low-income families, which require the affordable and high-speed internet connection. As per the survey results, a majority of parents consented that Cox’s cheap internet service gives kids a leg up for high-school graduation, and that, it helps students achieve higher grades.

During a Washington DC press conference, the President of Cox Communications®, Patrick Esser, announced that the company is extending its commitment to bridge the connectivity gap that is the digital divide.

In the Connect2Compete survey, over 1700 participants revealed that parents agree the low-cost internet service of Cox®

  • Makes it easier for them to communicate with schoolteachers and the respective school;
  • Sets a majority of kids up for success and makes them more interested in school job; and,
  • The convenience of having access to the internet at home is among its greatest advantages.

According to the Connect2Compete survey, most of its customers are first time users of the internet. Many of them lack digital literacy skills required to make the most of the internet connection. In order to bridge this digital divide, Cox® offers free of cost digital literacy training and resources through its Digital Academy. The said training is one that is tailored to empower low-income families to build economic, educational, and social opportunities that are key to realize the residential internet connection’s full potential.

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Joined by the Federal Communications Commission’s Chairman, Ajit Pai, and EveryoneOn’s founder, Zach Leverenz, Esser said that Cox® surpassed an important program milestone and that the company is extending its digital divide commitment during the press conference. To date, over 400,000 individuals have been connected to the low-cost internet and Cox® continues to invest in the Connect2Compete program.

Esser also announced that Cox® is pledging an additional $20 million to support this digital divide initiative over the subsequent year. “With convenient, reliable internet access at home, students can readily focus on their school work, explore their passions and ultimately reach their full potential in life,” he said. “We will continue devoting important resources – including discounted internet service – to bolster their success and close the digital divide.”

The company has offered an internet program for low-income families for close to twenty years, and has a history of surpassing its aims for providing accesses to technology to kids and their families – in classrooms, in the community, and residences.

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