Cox Communications® Adds NPR One and YouTube Kids to Contour TV

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Recently, Cox Communications® unveiled NPR One and YouTube Kids applications on the Cox® Contour television service, providing access to audio and video content choices along with programming, DVR recordings, On Demand content and more. The subscribers of Cox® Contour TV can launch NPR One and YouTube Kids using their voice-controlled remotes and watch audio and video content on their TV sets, without having to switch inputs or use a secondary device for accessibility. These two applications are the new additions to other apps, comprising YouTube, Netflix, and iHeartRadio, accessible through the Contour platform of Cox Communications®.

The customers of Cox® Contour can say “YouTube Kids” and “NPR One” over their voice remotes to launch the respective apps on their TV sets. This works similar to other integrated applications on Contour TV. The subscribers can also access the said applications in the section “Apps” of the Contour TV’s guide.

With YouTube Kids on the Contour TV, Cox’s customers can access family-friendly channels and videos, flag videos if they want them to be reviewed by the team behind the application, and monitor what kids are watching via the watch history function.

“Contour has become one of the most innovative platforms in cable,” said the President of Cox Communications®, Patrick Esser. “With the addition of YouTube Kids and NPR One, we’re continuing to make it incredibly easy for our customers to access everything they love in one place.”

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The subscribers of the fastest internet provider can also access NPR One’s audio content available on the Contour TV sets. The application connects its audiences to audio programming, which comprises local as well as national news radio, podcasts and popular stories. Yet to access NPR One and YouTube Kids on the Contour TV platform, subscribers require a compatible Contour receiver as well as a high speed internet service from Cox®.

Cox Communications® provides digital video, telephone, internet, home automation and home security services over its nationwide IP network. Google’s YouTube Kids application is developed with children in mind. On the other hand, the reporting and storytelling of National Public Radio connect with millions of people in the US each day. The integration of the two apps only goes to give more unique and innovative TV programming choices for Cox® Contour audiences of all ages.

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