Cox® Upgrades Speeds for 3 Internet Packages in San Diego County

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As per reports, Cox Communications® has upgraded the internet speeds in select tier packages for subscribers in San Diego County. The best internet provider offers an array of service plans, so residential customers can choose a speed tier that suits their needs as per data usage. While some customers rely on high-speed internet package to surf the web randomly, send e-mails, etc., others would want to stream video content on the internet. If you subscribe to Starter plan, Essential, or Preferred internet plans of Cox®, you can upgrade your existing plan to one that is speedier now that the provider has upgraded speeds in the county.

The Starter plan now offers 10 Mbps speeds, while Essential and Preferred internet plans of Cox® offers 30 and 100 megabits per second. Obviously, most customers of Cox® High Speed Internet prefer the 100 Mbps speed tier to the kind of content that takes time to load. The speed upgrade is applicable to customers that subscribe to those 3 tiers only.

“Speed increases are one of many ways we continually add value for our customers,” said the Regional VP of Marketing for Cox Communications®, Suzanne Schlundt. “Today, the majority of Cox® customers in San Diego are now enjoying speeds twice as fast.”

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Panoramic WiFi Offering

Cox® is also planning to invest $10b in the network infrastructure over the upcoming 5 years, which applies to the company’s Panoramic WiFi offering that provides extensive coverage throughout a home. “Our internet customers have embraced Panoramic WiFi,” Schlundt said. “Our technicians will literally walk your home from wall to wall to identify and dead spots and turn them into live spots so that you can have an optimal wifi experience in your home.”

Cox® has been upgrading internet speeds for internet service plans, including Gigablast and Ultimate, by investing in their network infrastructure with new and advanced technology. Cox® was the first to launch 1 Gbps internet offering titled Gigablast in San Diego as per reliable sources. If customers have 1 Gbps internet connection at home, they can download 100 songs in 3 seconds, 1000 photographs within 16 sec, and a 2-hour movie within 8 sec in a general sense.

Apart from that, you can connect several internet-compatible devices to the home network and access contents without having to compromise on 1 gigabit per second speed.

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