DirecTV Now® Earns Record 1.2 Million Subscribers in 2017

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It was recently reported that DirecTV Now®, AT&T’s internet pay-TV service, has earned about 1.2 million subscribers by the end of 2017. This record growth of subscribers comes after AT&T® launched this service in November 2016. In spite of this record increase in subscribers, there is a decline in DirecTV’s satellite service customers. The service experienced a dwindling in customer rates with a loss of around 147,000 customers during the fourth quarter of 2017. U-Verse®, another TV service provided by AT&T®, also had a steep decline with 60,000 dropouts of subscribers during the fourth quarter of the year.

AT&T® is one of the major cable providers in the country and had about 25.5 million TV subscribers last year. AT&T® released this numbers while it was evaluating the results of the fourth quarter in 2017. According to Randall Stephenson, the CEO and Chairman of AT&T®, DirecTV Now® is a video product that it is expecting to generate massive growth.

AT&T® is facing increasing competition from several other cable providers and pay-TV services. The Telco has asserted that its loss of subscribers of DirecTV® satellite and U-Verse® is attributed to this rivalry.

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AT&T® is currently planning to unveil a state of the art OTT platform this year that consists of cloud DVR, improved user interface and a third stream for DirecTV Now®. It will also launch a home-centric version of its OTT service by the end of 2018. As per the reports released, AT&T’s DirecTV Now® has earned about 368,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2017. The end of the third quarter had resulted in the Telco to earn about 787,000 subscribers.

Amidst this impressive growth patterns, AT&T® is still facing a deadlock on its deal to acquire Time Warner® due lawsuit filed by the Justice Department to cease the deal. Stephenson stated that AT&T® is still hoping to clear the pending case by stressing that the acquisition of Time Warner® is legitimate and vertical. The trial for the case is set to hear on March 19, which will decide the awaiting acquisition and merger.

However, the high level of growth in AT&T® during the years has made it one of the top telecommunications company operating in the country. Its revenues during the fourth quarter were reported to be about $41.7 billion. The $19 billion net income for the fourth quarter of 2017 topped that of the $2.4 billion during the fourth quarter of 2016.

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