DirecTV Now® Offering Free Apple TV 4K With Four Months Upfront Payment

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Four Months Upfront Payment

DirecTV Now® is offering its customers free Apple TV 4K set-top streaming media box with the condition of pre-paying for DirecTV Now® subscription for at least four months. Customers can opt for this new offering by subscribing for any of the four tiers of DirecTV Now’s subscription offers such as ‘Live a Little’, ‘Just Right’, ‘Go Big’, and ‘Gotta Have’ packages. Thus, a customer can get access to Apple TV 4K costing about $179.99 to $199 by just subscribing into even the low cost ‘Live a Little’ plan of DirecTV® that is priced at $35.

With this DirecTV® is providing a chance for customers who wish to try streaming media and ultra quality 4K content on their television. By subscribing to any one of the four tiers offered by DirecTV Now®, customers will be able to gain access to 4K content. Besides, Apple TV 4K set-top box has its own selection of apps that customers can use and they can also view movies in 4K ultra HD. Prominent services available such as Netflix and Apple iTunes also enables the customer to purchase or rent HD content at the best deals.

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Ultra Quality 4K Content

DirecTV® offers its own 4K content through the various channels that broadcast 4K content throughout. 104, 105, and 106 are the three channels offered by DirecTV in their 4K lineup. Full-time 4K content is offered only in channel 104 and 105 whereas channel 106 broadcasts only limited content in 4K. Customers need to have a television that supports the 4K format and high dynamic range to enjoy the rich images supplied via Apple TV 4K streaming box.

Apple TV has included DirecTV Now® in its 4K ecosystem enabling subscribers to get access to a variety of content ranging from entertainment to sports. DirecTV Now® has offered regional sports networks such as MSG and MSG Plus sports networks in the New York market. Recently, DirecTV Now® has been including affiliates of Fox and CBS to offer more sports contents in both local and regional markets.

The major prerequisites for getting access to DirecTV’s 4K packages and Apple TV 4K box is a compatible TV supporting 4K and sufficient internet speeds for seamless streaming. DirecTV® by offering this free Apple TV 4K intends to compete with other major cable TV providers in the country. With this new offering, DirecTV® allows its customers to access a variety of streaming media in 4K resolution.

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