DOGTV Launches on the Contour Service of Cox Communications®

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DOGTV, the one of its kind network devoted to dogs programming, was recently launched on Cox Communications® Contour TV service. This increases the reach of the network by 25 percent, and it is expected to bring its overall reach to an expected 70 million residences in the US by this year’s end. As of now, DOGTV is available in more than 250 million residences around the globe, has seen a 300 percent customer growth rate across the world in the previous 24 months period and fifteen consecutive months of customer growth in the US.

It is also one of the best cable deals for canine lovers who have a Cox® Contour subscription. The network is available to subscribers of Cox® Contour as a VOD service. You can sign up for the video on demand service by paying an affordable monthly cost. It features research-backed, scientifically developed, and trialed original content. The video contents on the TV network cover categories that comprise simulation, relaxation and exposure segments for stay at home canines.

In other words, these videos are meant to make your dogs stay relaxed, stimulate them physically and mentally, and expose to noises that make them anxious. Consider them as an additional training for your canines.

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With its expansion to Cox® Contour, the network is joining forces with experts and influencers to share wellness and health tips. Its pet influencers comprise dog trainers, veterinarians, industry experts and even dogs with accounts on social media. Influencer videos reach many pet owners and raise awareness regarding common issues like how to make sure dogs get sufficient water during hot seasons and how to help them with separation anxiety. These influential social media people with millions of followers share DOGTV content, thoughts on latest products for pets and trends with audiences who act as parents to pets.

The network has also added programming for dog owners. These TV shows include “Dogs A-Z”, which feature tips from experts; “DIY”, which features popular products for dogs; and “The Dog Chef”, which features recipes for your canines.

On DOGTV’s launch on Cox® Contour, the CEO and Cofounder of DOGTV Gilad Neumann said, “This new Cox® partnership is very exciting for DOGTV as well as dog parents in Cox® markets across the country. Cox® presents an incredible opportunity to bring our unique programming to millions of dog parents. We are excited to work together to expand our reach with Cox® using creative marketing, promotion on their excellent Cox® Contour platform, and using dog influencers on social media.”

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