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The Philadelphia-based telecommunications company, Comcast®, recently shed lights on its XFINITY® X1 technology. The X1 platform provides content partners with new tools to give customers fresh ways to interact with their preferred entertainment on the TV, Comcast® notes in a recent blog.

One of these interactive tools is named Watchwith, which is a combination of user experience software and cloud based data services that facilitate interactive features on VOD, linear, or DVR programming. Watchwith can also incorporate web services like voting and ticketing and deliver a customized user experience across various devices.

The company blog also underlines the Media Analysis Framework of XFINITY® X1. It is a machine-learning platform, developed at the Motorola Research Labs, capable of delivering real time insights from video at any moment. Eventually, the machine learning technology has the potential to provide XFINITY® X1 TV audience with the ability to order a product with a voice command. The XFINITY® X1 has voice remote capabilities too.

The X1 technology highlights the flexibility it provides both users of the platform and developers.

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“People increasingly expect their entertainment to be interactive. And with these capabilities, we are able to fulfill and exceed those expectations by seamlessly connecting entertainment and the Internet in a way that is intuitive and fun,” Comcast® said in the blog. “Thanks to these advancements the X1 platform is now able to deliver contextually relevant and personalized Internet content and services to any moment of television and we look forward to working with new partners to offer customers even more ways to interact with and enjoy their favorite content on the biggest screen in the home.”

The Philly-based cable cum fastest internet provider has invested a lot on the X1 technology and has been significantly expanding what it offers to residential customers. In August 2017, the company launched a Netflix application on X1 platform that makes the wide range of its content available to customers and searchable via the voice remote. One month later, it introduced on the platform Netflix programming in Ultra HD 4K.

In August 2018, Comcast® and Amazon announced that they have arrived on a deal to bring Amazon Prime Video service to XFINITY® X1 later this year. The Prime Video membership will provide X1 subscribers access to its array of content, so it already seems on paper one of the best cable deals subs can expect.

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