Gigabit Internet is Now Accessible to More Customers

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The Philadelphia-based telecommunications company Comcast® recently announced that it is now the largest gigabit internet provider in the US, with ultra-fast Comcast® Business and XFINITY® Gigabit internet services available to almost all businesses and residences in the country.

According to reports, the high-speed internet services of the cable cum best internet provider is available in almost all of its millions of residences and business in thirty-nine states and Washington DC. Overall, reportedly about 65,000 businesses and households have accesses to the gigabit internet service of the telecom conglomerate. It is also reported that the company’s gigabit internet service is available in roughly one hundred and eighty cities across the state of Washington alone. The senior executives of the Philly-based Telco giant are excited by this.

“We’ve made gigabit broadband available to more Olympia residents and businesses than any other cable provider,” Comcast’s Regional VP for Washington, Amy Lynch, said. “Our national deployment represents the fastest roll out of gigabit speeds to the most homes in the country. We have increased speeds 17 times in 17 years and doubled the capacity of our broadband network every 18-24 months.”

The Consumer Services’ President at Comcast®, Dana Strong, said, “Comcast® continues to offer an unmatched Internet experience that combines gigabit speeds with wall-to-wall WiFi, personalized tools and controls, and enough capacity to stay ahead of tomorrow’s innovations. We’ve built an innovative high speed data platform that combines speed, coverage and control features and really sets our broadband experience apart from the competition.”

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The residential XFINITY® Gigabit Internet service of the cable provider is powered and controlled by a digital dashboard called XFINITY® xFi, which customizes, monitors and manages Wi-Fi connected devices in a customer’s residence. Subscribers of the cable operator can add XFINITY® xFi Pods, which are Wi-Fi extenders. They can be plugged into an electrical outlet, paired with Wireless Gateways of xFi, thereby helping subscribers create a mesh network that expands the coverage to areas that are hard to reach in their residence.

The XFINITY® Gigabit Internet service uses network connections that already exist in most of its subscribers’ residences. It is easy to install the equipment for subscribers, which necessitates no particular construction or even digging up their lawn. In many cases, subscribers do not require a service visit, since the equipment for the internet connection comes with a self-installation kit.

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