Glen Post and Jeff Storey Sound Competitive about CenturyLink’s Future

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The top executives of CenturyLink® have stated that Monroe is going to stay as its corporate headquarters, although there has been speculation about the company planning to move it to some place else. Glen Post, who is leaving his CEO position at CenturyLink® soon, has confirmed that such things are not part of the Louisiana-based company’s agenda.

In fact, Post is set to leave the position of CEO after CenturyLink’s Annual Shareholders Meeting, after which, Jeff Storey will take over the job. The new CenturyLink® CEO, who was a former Level 3 Communications CEO, will frequently work out of the Monroe headquarters.

“Jeff is here every other week working with the executive team and meeting with employees. He is committed to continue to work to bring more jobs here. Jeff can work from anywhere in the world,” said Post. Besides, CenturyLink’s contract with Louisiana to retain its headquarters in the state through 2020 at the least is enough to brush aside any speculation about an immediate move out to other locations.

Storey said, “While I am not planning to relocate, Monroe is CenturyLink’s headquarters with an incredibly talented and valuable workforce, and I intend to spend a significant amount of time there. I will also continue to leverage our technology to manage our operations globally.”

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As per reports, the best internet provider is one of the largest employers in Louisiana with a workforce of 2700 staffs and yearly payroll that exceeds $200 million for the state alone. Most of their employees are situated in Monroe, so moving its corporate headquarters to other places is a non-issue as far as CenturyLink® is concerned.

An emotional Glen Post said that the company has been able to build an infrastructure in the area, which cannot be easily replaced. Post has been serving as its CEO for 26 years until now, but the onus of leading CenturyLink® to a bright future now rests in the hands of Jeff Storey.

Post has assured that “Monroe will remain in the foreseeable future a major work center for CenturyLink®. We have the talent and assets here in critical jobs.” He also added that Louisiana and Monroe can help CenturyLink® to cement its future in the city by making investments in priorities and assets that contribute to the overall quality of life.

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