Jeremy Darroch Opens on the Cable Deal Benefits in London Conference

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Comcast® completed its acquisition of Sky® in 2018, but the benefits of the deal are already coming to the acquired and the buyer, said Jeremy Darroch, who is the pay-TV giant’s CEO.

“Just a few months after coming together, we are already starting to see benefits flowing in both directions,” Jeremy Darroch said at the “Media & Telecoms 2019 & Beyond”, a conference held in London. “So we will be bringing Comcast’s voice interface to [high-end pay TV service] Sky® Q later this year, and our broadband customers in Italy will benefit from Comcast’s XFi product. When NBCUniversal [launches] an advertising VOD service in the U.S. next year, it will be Sky®’s OTT technology platform, developed here down the road in West London, that it will be based upon.”

“We are making good use of each other’s content onscreen, are working to serve our global advertisers better and all the while becoming a more capable and a more efficient business,” the Sky® CEO added. For instance, “we are already starting to transfer Sky® colleagues to the U.S. and Comcast colleagues to Europe.”

“Personally, I find the combination very compelling. I think the next few years at Sky® will see us unlock many, many more opportunities here, as well as contributing significantly to the overall Comcast® family,” he concluded.

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The cable cum best internet provider has given Jeremy Darroch and his team at Sky® the autonomy to carry on important strategic initiatives, like more investment in original TV series, while concentrating on sharing of both expertise and technology, as well as collaboration in areas such as sports, news and more.

Outbidding the Walt Disney Company, Comcast® sealed the Sky® deal late in 2018 for 39 billion dollars. Comcast’s takeover of the European pay-TV giant was one of 2018’s best cable deals. It was also one of the largest deals in the media industry. The cable giant’s focus has since been on reaping the deal’s benefits. Jeremy Darroch and the top executives at Sky® agreed to stay, with Comcast® promising to support its pursuit of growth at an accelerated pace.

The Sky® boss reiterated this focus at the conference, and this was evident in his words. He said, “Being part of the Comcast® family will only enhance and underwrite our ability to do more, move faster and to better serve our customers and audiences.”

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