Jon Steinberg on Cheddar’s Presence in OTT Bundles and Future

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Recently, AT&T® started rolling out Cheddar across video platforms of the Dallas-based telecommunications company namely DIRECTV NOW®, DIRECTV®, and U-VERSE® TV. Over the past few months, Cheddar has also widened its reach upon other media.

The fastest internet provider, AT&T® announced its deal with Cheddar after Axios reported that the news network would be available on Magic Leap, a mixed-reality platform. Earlier in 2018, the network said that it would become available on GSTV, which delivers content to screens at over 18,000 US gas stations.

With the video platforms of AT&T® under its belt, the news network can now be found in just about all major skinny bundles and even in a few traditional cable packages. At least, that is what makes AT&T®-Cheddar one of the best cable deals of recent times.

Recently, the CEO of Cheddar, Jon Steinberg, talked to AdExchanger about how the tie-up with AT&T® would affect its future.

When he was asked, “How does AT&T® factor into the long-term strategy of Cheddar,” Jon Steinberg said that Cheddar has been on a journey since its founding to get into each Over-the-Top skinny bundle in the US, and that this (deal) more or less finishes that journey. With it, the network is available on Sling™ TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, Philo TV, fuboTV, and DIRECTV NOW®. He said that “this one is kind of interesting” since Cheddar is available on STBs as a regular channel as well as on DIRECTV NOW®.

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When asked will it be “available on Magic Leap AR,” he said that it was a Research and Development “thing we did as well”. He added that, “It’s up and running.” He confirmed Cheddar has a strong relationship with AT&T®, and that the Dallas-based telecommunications company “is also an investor in Magic Leap.” Thus, Cheddar did Magic Leap as a Research and Development project and it “licensed our feed from us.”

The Cheddar CEO also talked about the future of the relationship with AT&T®, when he was asked about that. He said that it has been “unbelievably innovative,” the fact that Cheddar is not just available on AT&T’s Over-the-Top platform, but also on all its set-top boxes. He also appreciated the fact that AT&T® was able to deploy the network “across three major platforms in one fell swoop.”

“I think AT&T® has been a great partner. And the fact that they’re also investing in Magic Leap and they invested in us shows they’re super interested in how content is going to change in the future.”

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