Josh Goodell Talks about SD-WAN at MEF18

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With growing endpoints and a trend towards digital transformation, SD-WAN technology is no “one and done”, according to the VP of Intelligent Edge solutions at AT&T®, Josh Goodell. Speaking at MEF18, he said that SD-WAN deployments are complicated and service providers have to help their subscribers understand and evolve its use.

“Anyone that believes that this is simply plug and play and walk away is misled,” Goodell said during the keynote speech. “There are definitely challenges that you’ve got to work through as you’re deploying these services across the globe. What are the elements of the solution that a customer can expect? There is no single silver bullet so understanding what type of solution SD-WAN we can provide, I think is essential.”

MEF18 forum executives, on the other hand, said they were on course to both ratify and launch MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Service Attributes as well as Service Definition Standard in 2019’s first quarter. Goodell also said that the standard would help to define elements that organizations and businesses can anticipate from an SD-WAN service.

Edge computing, NFV, SDN and IoT are all driving digital transformation for service providers as well as their subscribers, but they are creating more intricacies also. Goodell said the deployments of SD-WAN across devoted broadband, internet, Wi-Fi, LTE and ultimately 5G, connect LAN endpoints as well as services to vital cloud applications.

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“What’s been interesting for us is that clearly there is an application that has taken off, that is the killer app in this virtualized infrastructure and that’s SD-WAN. We announced recently that we’ve got 28,000 endpoints that are currently deploying and it has absolutely taken off. It’s exploding. And what we’ve seen is that it’s not about just that technology or just that edge device that’s sitting on the end of the network. It really is about hybrid environments.”

With VelcoCloud or VMware as AT&T’s SD-WAN vendor, the Dallas-based best internet provider is using the FlexWare platform for an SD-WAN offering that is network-based and an OTT version on a FlexWare device. Goodell said the SD-WAN service of AT&T®, which was rolled out a couple of years ago, is available now in 200 nations, comprising third-party partnerships.

“Many of our customers challenge us to deploy this in some of the most challenging countries that you can imagine. We are up and running in 50 countries today,” Goodell said. “But we’re talking about countries like Pakistan, Venezuela and UAE. These are challenging places to deploy these services. Our value proposition is really about being able to deploy that ubiquitous solution regardless of where that customer end point exists.”

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