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A new web-based remote has been developed by Comcast® which is capable of assessing everything on the TV and the home devices connected to it. The latest feature provides the users control over basic TV functions like searching for a movie, changing the volume, or shifting the channel, all by simply moving their eyes near the screen. Below is a discussion on this feature released by Comcast® which is one of the fastest internet provider in the country.

The company considers this development as a small step ahead for the technological advancements that would follow. Wlodkowski is a pioneer of technology at Comcast®. He is himself blind and has advocated numerous programs for the disabled and better access to technology for them. His team found that several individuals who lost their best motor skills—either due to an accident or paralysis— were using eye-tracking devices to interact with their computers. This system functions by pointing an infrared light into the eyes and then following the movement of the pupil. This allows the user to use their gaze similar to a mouse in computers. They have the choice of lingering around a particular icon or selecting a blinking option if they want to register a click.

Comcast® is set to introduce the eye control system to the X1 cable platform. According to the company, this will improve the watching experience of millions of people across the world. The feature lets people access X1 programming guide, shift channels, navigate through the menus of other cable box options, and set DVD recordings. The company announced that it is supporting all eye gaze software and hardware to make it more accessible to everyone. The president of popular device company Tobii, Tara Rudnicki said, “We are pleased to see how Comcast® continues to make their products and solutions accessible.”

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To access the eye control option, customers should log into the web-based remote control of Comcast® and then link this to their cable account. “From that point forward, each time the customer gazes at a button, the web-based remote sends the corresponding command to the television,” said the company. Besides core functions, the customers are also allowed to use eye gaze feature to type X1 voice commands such as making requests for specific show or genre.

Comcast’s approach by releasing the eye control feature is unique among other operators. It is a recent success of their team looking to make its services more accessible to people with disabilities.

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