Major Telecom Companies Point to the Use of CBRS

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With the CBRS space showing more signs of improvement and overall scale up, more companies like T-Mobile® and Verizon Communications® expressed their intentions of adding the services in their band. In this, Verizon® is planning to inculcate the spectrum to their system to improve and speed up the services for their customers.

“It’s clearly another tool to help augment capacity,” said Mike Haberman, VP of Verizon’s network engineering. He also dropped a clue regarding Verizon’s use of unlicensed 3.5GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service band just like it is currently using 5GHz band via Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA)

“You can transmit more power with CBRS than you can with LAA. So it helps out from that perspective,” Haberman said. “The negative though is that you have to deal with the interference and everyone else using it.”

Verizon®, being one of the fastest internet provider in the US, uses the 5GHz band currently through LAA technology that helps them to offer their customers extra speed. By employing LAA, Verizon® customers can remain on an LTE signal, and still transmit more data with the licensed as well as the unlicensed spectrum.

In 2018, Verizon® announced plans to experiment with CBRS transmissions alongside Ericsson, Federated Wireless, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Google. “Verizon® will be able to use this shared spectrum to add capacity to its network. Customers of one of the best internet service will benefit from more capacity, higher peak speeds, and faster throughput when accessing the network,” the company said at the time.

T-Mobile® and AT&T® Also Make Moves toward CBRS

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The CBRS market is showing every sign of becoming more widespread. CBRS Alliance entered into a new agreement with Small Cell Forum and announced to “work together on a variety of initiatives related to the wide-scale adoption of small cells, network densification, and the development, commercialization, and adoption of OnGo-certified solutions for the 3.5 GHz band.”

T-Mobile® CTO, Neville Ray, recently came out saying that they are also in the stage of testing the CBRS. “But obviously, the spectrum volume that’s available there especially in a license is pretty limited. And there are some power issues and so on to work through in terms of its propagation capabilities, but we continue to look at the spectrum and evaluate and will see where the option timeline comes out,” he said.

T-Mobile® and Verizon® are new on the scene compared to AT&T®, which also announced its plans to use the technology last year.

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