New Hampshire Governor Chooses AT&T’s FirstNet Program Over Rivada Networks

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New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has decided to pursue a contract with AT&T’s federal endorsed broadband network dedicated to serve cops, firefighters and ambulance services. This cancels out the chances of Rivada Networks, which was in the running until the decision was made by Sununu.

“The additional risk associated with being the only state to opt out creates too high a barrier for New Hampshire to continue down the opt-out path,” said the State Governor. No other states decided to opt anything other than FirstNet, the best internet program of AT&T® backed by the Department of Commerce.

The Congress acquired first Responder Network Authority from broadcasters via auctions in 2012. It should create an emergency communication system nationwide with an FCC reserved broadcast spectrum.

Chris Sununu had issued an executive order earlier this year in turn initiating a review committee to assess associated financial and regulatory risks if they opt out a contract with FirstNet. The order surfaced a week following the 30 member committee panel suggested opting out following potential benefits of having a contract with Rivada Networks. However, the New Hampshire State Governor was pressurized by first responders, business circles, and communications workers unions, who all questioned the logic of banking on AT&T® over the best internet provider’s federal program.

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FCC Reserved Broadcast Spectrum

The governor said the state led the way during the evaluation of FirstNet when the decision was made although a contract with Rivada Networks was on the cards. “We proceeded to have extensive discussions with other governors across the country to help them understand the benefits of such a system,” Sununu said. “Many of these states had previously expressed serious interest in pursuing an independent opt-out path. While we were successful in working with FirstNet to remove the unreasonable fees and penalties, the decision deadline of December 28th approached too quickly for these other states to feel confident in an opt-out decision. As a result, it now appears likely that no other states will opt out.”

He further added, “These new sites will lead to a top quality public safety network for our first responders and enhanced coverage for all of our citizens. I look forward to working with AT&T® as they begin the build-out and deployment of their New Hampshire plan.”

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