Oakland Raiders Found a Partner to Make its Stadium “Most Connected”

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Oakland Raiders has entered into a ten-year deal with Cox Communications®. Part of the deal includes Cox® providing its multiple gigabit bandwidth internet to both fans of American football and for operations at the under-construction stadium in Las Vegas.

“We have the advantage of being one of the last franchises to build a new stadium,” Marc Badain, the President of Oakland Raiders, said. “We engaged with every single team to see what has done well and what they could have done better. We can pretty much incorporate best practices and best of show from all the buildings and bring them here to Las Vegas to ensure our fans have the best experience in the league.”

The cable cum best internet provider will also equip the NFL team’s headquarters as well as practice facility in Henderson with Wi-Fi, and sponsor its media studio. Badain said to the extent that as the Raiders’ facilities develop, Cox Communications® would have a say in what technology is instated in each of them.

The Cox Communications’ President, Pat Esser, said to the extent that everything from VR to AI, connected devices, player capabilities and clothing is possible with both the infrastructure and bandwidth set to be established for the stadium.

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The technology, which Cox® will provide, will open up new opportunities to improve the experience of the fans at the stadium. Esser also said that it is key to increase the visit of the fans, while NFL franchises are thinking about ways to lure them to games, who otherwise might choose to watch them from the comfort of their home.

He further added that the ability to order concessions to fan’s seat, upgrade it, or ask for a special service would also be possible with technology, alongside a smartphone application.

“You say, ‘Oh, I want to pay to move from a seat I’m in to a seat down near the field.’ Through analytics, this stadium can manage that,” Esser said. “On top of that, there are things that could happen during the game. You can request to see the coach after the game, or maybe you want to go down and hold the flag during the national anthem, or maybe you want your son or daughter to get a football signed by a Raiders hall of famer. Those are things you can do.”

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