Slight TV® Tops the Streaming Television Service with 2.21 Million Subscribers

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Sling TV® is gaining more subscribers than most other cable providers in the country. According to reports, Sling TV®, a major streaming service from Dish Network, has currently 2.21 million subscribers across the country. This rapid increase in the subscriber base reflects the growing popularity of streaming television, and the rise of the cord-cutting trend. Streaming television uses the internet to deliver content over to the subscribers, instead of relying on a coaxial cable or satellite connection.

One of the primary reasons for this cord-cutting trend is the increase in prices for cable services, and unstable contracts given by providers. This has resulted in most subscribers abandoning traditional cable service and switching to a streaming service provider. The growth of Sling TV’s customer base is a sure indicator of the popularity of streaming television in the country. Earlier, the TV provider had released their estimated subscriber figures, which amounted to about 2 million.

Sling TV’s impressive growth in customer base has made it the top television streaming service. Compared to DirecTV Now® and PlayStation Vue, whose subscriber base amounts to 1.2 million and 670,000 subscribers respectively, Sling® has 2.1 million subscribers. It has maintained this rapid growth in subscriber base when the streaming TV industry is witnessing large-scale competition from newer additions like YouTube TV and established TV providers.

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Sling TV® had an estimated fourth-quarter income of $1.39 billion due to its immense subscriber growth. It has actually come a long way to end up with its current record subscriber base. From its beginnings at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2015, Sling TV® has actually grown to be one of the most dependable streaming TV providers.

Sling TV® has also managed to offer the best TV services at the lowest of pricing, compared to other major cable providers. One of Sling’s lowest plans, the Sling Orange, can be accessed by subscribing for a sum of only $20 per month, without any additional contracts. It contains about 30 live channels, which has made it a popular package for most viewers.

Another of its low priced packages, known as the Sling Blue, can be subscribed to for only $25 per month. It contains 45 live channels and offers multi-stream support. Sling TV® has put up many plans to further improve its services, such as the addition of several new features. This will allow subscribers to enjoy streaming television with reliable features and services.

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