Sling TV® And SpotX Launche Addressable Consumer Segments for Programmatic Advertisers

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Sling TV® and SpotX, a video ad-serving platform has launched two new addressable consumer segments concentrating on the holiday shopping demand. Known as “Holiday Shoppers” and “Luxury Shoppers”, these segments are available via SpotX. With these custom private marketplaces, advertisers are provided with the means to offer targeted seasonal campaigns to the viewers of Sling TV® on connected TVs and other streaming devices.

Adam Lowy, Head of Advertising Sales for Sling TV® stated, “We’ve made it easy for brands to reach consumers working their way through their holiday shopping lists. More and more, brands have gravitated to these marketplaces for real-time access to targeted TV audiences like vacationers during the summer and back-to-school shoppers during the fall.”

For “Luxury Shopper” the targeted criteria consist of their recent purchases of luxury brands, their inclination towards shopping in luxury stores and current customers in the market opting for a luxury vehicle. The criteria for “Holiday Shoppers” consist of a record of their consumer behavior like their previous purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is also focused on their repeated purchases made at departmental or specialty stores and warehouses.

Ryan Kenney, VP of Platform Services at SpotX said, “While OTT is increasingly recognized as a premium environment for video advertising, uncertainty about scale and the ability to accurately target audiences are chief among the concerns for advertisers considering investing in OTT streams. We’re proud to work together with Sling TV® on a solution that seamlessly addresses both of these concerns for advertisers, just in time for the big holiday push.”

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Such secure and easily addressable marketplaces can aid the Sling TV® advertisers in making sure that their budgets are effectively used to deliver the intended results. Besides, by combining the all-inclusive infrastructure provided by SpotX will assist in ensuring the brand safe and prevent the occurrence of any fraudulent transactions for the buyers who access the inventory of Sling TV®.

Previously, the two companies entered into a partnership for the development of programmatic marketplaces. This was aimed at targeting using the premium OTT video inventory of Sling TV®. With this integration, advertisers are provided access to the advanced custom audience segments programmatically of Sling TV® via the SpotX platform.

This can help in inserting targeted ads into the live and on-demand content offered in the OTT streaming services. This partnership has led to a growing advertiser adoption rate that will help the customers with more targeted ads. Currently, Sling TV® is the only OTT provider that provides such addressable marketplaces for the advertisers.

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