Spectrum® TV Requires Customers to Install Set-Top Boxes

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Spectrum® cable has upgraded its digital cable service and the customers are now required to install a set-top box to watch their favorite channels. The digitization started since April 10, 2018, and prior to the move, the company made their customers aware of this through messages on television, phone calls, and emails. To order the set-top box, existing and new Spectrum® customers can either call their customer support number or go to the Telco’s website.

Spectrum® have revealed that most of their existing customers are eligible to get one or more set-top boxes that they can use for free of cost up to five years. However, the duration of this free service will depend on the type of current cable package, financial situation, and equipment of the subscribers.

Charter Communications® is now reducing the analog signals to support the all-digital network and making the necessary upgrades for the customers in Oakland County and Wayne County communities. As per the Chairman and CEO of Charter Communications®, Tom Rutledge, “By going all-digital and removing analog signals, we free up capacity in our network for faster Internet speeds, more HD and On Demand options and pave a path for future innovation.”

The previous customers of Spectrum® who did not require a digital set-top box can simply plug their cable into the TV to receive the analog signals. However, as all these analog signals are gone now, the customers are required to install digital receivers for each of their televisions in order to avail the cable TV service.

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The Communications Manager at Charter®, Leigh Byrd, said, “The majority of the customer base does already subscribe to digital. They’re already digital, but might have one TV they didn’t put a box on. They might have one in the basement and didn’t worry about a box there. They might have watched a TV in the garage. It’s not like everyone has to come in and get a box. It might be they need an extra box.”

Byrd doubts that customers might drop Spectrum® services and migrate to other cable services because of the unavailability of analog signals now. She added, “What we’ve had to do was convert back to analog for those that needed it. But in order to offer more products and offer more bandwidth, you have to give up one for another and digital is a superior picture.”

As per latest reports, the cost of Spectrum® digital receivers will be around $11.75 per month and $141 per year for a television. However, this depends on the TV packages and other related criterions.

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