Telecom Company Working On A Health Tracking Device

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Health Tracking Device

The telecom Company Comcast® is planning to build an in-home device to examine people’s health. The company also said that it is planning to test the same towards the end of the year 2019. A team including the senior vice president and general manager of health innovation at Comcast® are in the stage of developing the technology. The device will assess people’s basic health parameters with the help of ambient sensors. It is going to concentrate on people who may spend an excessive amount of time in bed or someone who visits the bathroom too frequently. Besides, the company is also looking into detecting falls. This has been a major cause for fatality among the senior population.

The Plan

Comcast® which is a competitor to Direct TV, is looking to provide the device to the needy and those at risk. This comprises of seniors and disabled persons. However, there has been no decision on the plans about roll-out, pricing, and timing of its release. The company is hoping to start its experiments with pilots who are not customers of Comcast®. It is also seeing a potential release by 2020.

Unlike home speakers, the device will not have the ability to function as an assistant tool or a communication tool. Further, it won’t be able to perform deeds like turning the lights on and off or browse the internet for the user. Instead, it will have a personality that will be capable of making emergency calls in the event of a situation.

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This device is set to become the first for Comcast® in the domain of health, but it already provides services in services and hardware in automation and home security. Comcast has already proven as an effective player in remote technology. While it provides some of the best cable deals, its remotes are built to respond to sound commands. People use this primarily for movies and TV shows.

The company has been in quest of opportunities in health domain for a few years now. It also entered into a partnership with insurer Independence Health Group. The overall move will take the company to close competition with prominent players in the industry such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. Besides, Comcast® might have an advantage that it already has a network of customers subscribed to its broadband and cable services.

The company, through its latest innovation, hopes to aid the prevailing condition where the seniors can be assisted.

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