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AT&T® was the first mobile operator in the US to provide a service that allows customers to cancel unwanted calls. By starting this initiative, they have given birth to a new source of revenue which would be helpful for the company to reduce its debt.

The Federal Communications Commission announced the previous month that the operators are allowed to block robocalls in default mode for their subscribers. Before this, the customers had to choose a robocall blocking service offered by their operator. Robocalls are a source of annoyance to many people. Statistics suggest that the previous month alone saw around 4.4 billion robocalls aimed at Americans.

AT&T® which offers some of the best cable deals of the country made a recent announcement that it will block the fraud robocalls free of cost. Meanwhile, the automatic blocking service will be charged a certain amount for its subscribers.

Spam calls are ones which involve marketing campaigns and similar calls which could irritate customers. If the customers want to block these spam calls, they will have to blacklist unwanted numbers by themselves. This service does not cost them anything. On the other hand, if customers want the company to automatically block these spam calls, they will have to pay a fixed amount for this. According to the latest reports, the automatic spam blocking service of the company will cost around $4 every month

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This service of paid spam call blocking is expected to be a major source of income for the company. The company ended the first quarter with around 155.7 million wireless customers in the United States. If these customers pay $4 per month for the robocalls blocking service, it would add up to billions of dollars in revenue for AT&T®. It would create revenue of $1.9 billion in every quarter if all of their customers subscribe to this service. This would mean that the annual revenue would be around $7.6 billion every year.

An Important Boost For AT&T®

In case the latest call blocking service can raise an income of $7.6 billion, this would be a big supplement to the company’s financials. AT&T® is in desperate need of financial support. Note that it is striving hard to introduce 5G across the country while it tries to bring down the debt load. The company ended the year’s first quarter with a debt of $169 billion. It has set an objective of reducing this debt to $150 billion towards the close of the year.

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