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Comcast® has allowed its business video subscribers to access the X1 platform. This service includes simple search and navigation, pictures, voice controls, and sports content named X1 Sports app. This application had team and player whereabouts, game data, and statistics too. The additional voice-enabled TV feature allows the users to read the program aloud. This includes schedules, networks, and program titles. These features were added with the motive of helping visually impaired users.

Furthermore, the fastest internet provider is planning to launch the X1 for Business at the same time as the NCAA Basketball Tournament. This has been decided on the grounds that a majority of Comcast’s business video customers are restaurants and bars.

A large proportion of Comcast’s subscribers, which amounts to 22 million, are residential population. Further, there are also above 1 million business services video subscribers for the company. All these people can enjoy the X1 for Business’s services as of now.

Christian Nascimento, the Vice President of Product and Premise Services at Comcast®, which is also one of the best internet provider in the country, said that it was the right time to make the launch X1 for Business open for all the subscribers. He said that residential customers are accustomed to watching X1 at home and they are requesting for business settings more often.

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“It’s natural for them to want to see the same guide they see at home,” Nascimento said. He went on to say that the new product is pretty much the same as the residential X1 except for the guide, rewind, voice remote, and pause.

He also commented, “Businesses across the country can now offer their customers the same award-winning video experience that millions of people experience every day in their living room. X1 for Business is a game-changer – whether it’s a bar or restaurant integrating sports stats into the viewing experience, a hotel or gym giving customers an easier way to find what they want to watch or a small business helping their guests pass the time in the lobby or waiting room.”

Nascimento remarked that X1 business launch has brought about some changes in the company’s conversations with the business customers. Earlier, business customers demanded live TV and Comcast® sold it to them. Now, there are considerations regarding accessibility features and applications for sports scores and stock prices tickers. He said that the launch of X1 for Business is aimed at providing the customers with an easily usable product, which can help people in different ways.


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