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Expecting to step into more responsible roles, Charter Communications® now has a smart home platform in the pipeline. It is hoping to release the new service in the coming fall, and expects to be influential in the market during the coming years.

Tom Rutledge, Charter®’s chairman and CEO, announced recently that the company’s smart home platform would be launched in Austin, Texas this year. “My sense is that, over the next few years, it’ll roll everywhere,” he said.

The best internet provider has not revealed the whereabouts regarding the product. However, the company is in discussions with several companies of the smart home sphere, such as Nest® and Arena®, regarding the possibilities in self-installed operations techniques.

Charter® has also been monitoring Prpl very closely. The open-source software stack strives to offer support to IoT-related services and also tries to deliver added-value in smart homes. The product at work in Charter® appears to share some similarities with Comcast’s approach with the “xFi” platform.

“It’s not really a question of, are we going to do it, but it’s really a question of getting it right and getting all of the control apparatus right and all the security right,” Rutledge said. “Privacy is a real issue, and I think our customers are going to want to have a private relationship with us that they can count on.”

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Rutledge went on to speak about the emerging spectrum options of the fastest internet provider. This includes ones related to the 3.5GHz CBRS band as well as C-Band, which will let Charter® carry on offloading MVNO traffic the way it is doing right now with the Spectrum Mobile product that utilizes Wi-Fi. Rutledge speculated that over 80% of the data in the path of Spectrum Mobile, which is offered through MVNO deal with Verizon Wireless, passes via Charter®’s network of Wi-Fi.

“Those pieces of spectrum on radios on our network allow for tremendous connectivity,” Rutledge said, saying that Charter® will continue to focus on deployments in high traffic areas.

“To the extent that buying is cheaper than leasing, we can do that,” he said.

Citing Charter®’s deployment of WiFi, “we could do a similar kind of deployment with a high-powered CBRS piece of spectrum [and] in a couple of years, completely cover the United States with a high-capacity 5G-like product, and [deploy it] very inexpensively on a relative basis,” Rutledge said.

He also repeated that Charter® Communication’s standpoint that the C-Band should be relocated, has to be facilitated through an auction.

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