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The New York State Public Service Commission has agreed to allow Charter Communications who are also known by the name Spectrum to carry on its operations in New York. This happened even after the company’s transgressions based on their promises to the state about their merger with Time Warner Cable. Based on the new deals, the company, which is also one of the fastest internet providers, hopes to get better results in the city.

The previous year, the State of New York and Charter Communications entered into a tentative deal. This allowed the Charter-Spectrum to stay operational. When the deal became known in the public, it had to receive approval from New York’s Public Service Commission. Besides, it was a part of the 60-day review time. The company seems to have received the final approval that it hoped for.

According to the final settlement, Charter would take care of its initial commitments towards building a network for the service of 145,000 homes and the businesses functioning out of Upstate New York. Charter, according to the news, has been able to reach approximately 65,000 out of those addresses.

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Furthermore, Charter will fulfill a $12 million payment in order to “expand broadband service to additional premises.” From the $12 million remaining, the $6 million will reach the New York State Broadband Program Office. The leftover sum would be inserted in an escrow fund which would be utilized for other works to be completed by Charter. The latest settlement is accompanied by a schedule that would provide interim enforceable milestone requirements at regular intervals. This is found alongside accountability and reporting. If Charter does not meet these milestones, it would have to fill a $2,800 fine. This would be based on a per address basis. Note that the money would go straight to the escrow account mentioned above.

To comply with the settlement, the Department of Public Service has speculated that Charter would invest above $600 million at New York State itself. Charter’s build-out is expected to be completed by the year 2021.

Charter had initially received a ban from New York as it failed to meet many conditions regarding the Time Warner merger approval. After considering all the factors, there is a comparatively undesirable outcome of these events.

New York intends to avoid the waste of time and cost involved in litigation. Besides this, it also causes a disruption of broadband access to a large number of residents.

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