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Developing Targeted Advertising

Comcast® is one of the best cable TV providers in the US that continues to innovate in the industry. On June 18, 2019, the company introduced a program to develop an advertising plan, which better targets viewers, as the TV segment looks to draw in more advertisers from digital players such as Facebook Inc. and Google.

Comcast’s initiative, known as “On Addressability”, looks to set standards for the addressable advertising approach, which targets advertisements to certain households according to their interest. So far, it has only been done on a small-scale basis in television advertising.

Comcast® said that it will team up with two other providers of cable TV, namely Cox Media® and Charter Communications®, to accumulate the things they have discovered from providing addressable advertising, to assist other content distributors in doing the same, including the way to make sure that customer information is being used in ways complying with privacy standards.

TV is the ideal way to reach numerous individuals at one time, but it has lacked the data, measurement and targeting which digital platforms such as Facebook offer advertisers, opined the President of Advertising at Comcast Cable®, Marcien Jenckes.

“TV is often looked at as the lowest common denominator medium (in advertising), and unless addressability is achieved at scale, we’re going to fall short,” said Jenckes in an interview.

The cable operator has worked with networks of Fox, A+E group and Viacom, as well as its own subsidiary NBCUniversal to develop this form of advertising, said Jenckes.

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The Dallas-based telecommunications company, AT&T® and its subsidiary Xandr have also promoted their efforts in these kinds of advertisements to a great degree. The Comcast®-owned company named FreeWheel and Xandr are part of the group known as “Project OAR”. It is a group of companies, which is looking to standardize addressable advertising.

AT&T® has named its advertising subsidiary “Xandr” in tribute to the inventor of telephone Alexander Graham Bell. Comcast Corporation® is willing to work with the Dallas-based Telco’s advertising arm but its “understanding is they want to take a more solo approach,” said Jenckes. A Xandr spokesperson politely refused to comment on this matter.

The addressable television advertising market is anticipated to reach $3.30 billion by next year, up from $2.0 billion in 2018, as per the research company eMarketer. Addressable is just 3.7% of the overall TV ad spending even now.

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