The DOVE CHANNEL Now Accessible to More US Customers

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Cinedigm Corp. recently announced that DOVE CHANNEL, its popular SVoD service, is available over the web on the XFINITY® X1 platform. Comcast XFINITY® subscribers and their families can now access the channel’s growing library of family-friendly films, children’s shows, TV series, and documentaries on the said TV platform. As per reports, these titles also comprise “A Christmas Kiss”, “Letters to God”, “1500 Steps”, and more.

Customers of the Philadelphia-based cable provider can sign up for and access the DOVE CHANNEL by saying it verbatim into their X1 voice remotes or by finding it inside XFINITY® On Demand’s networks section. The channel can be added to the subscribers’ X1 service for an affordable monthly cost, which is reportedly $4.99.

“Cinedigm is pleased to bring our top-tier family-focused content to X1 and to reach even more viewers from coast-to-coast,” said Bill Sondheim, the President of Cinedigm Entertainment Group’s. “DOVE CHANNEL offers unique values-based films and programs that are safe for the whole family and XFINITY® X1 is the perfect home for this vast library of inspiring content.”

The channel was actually created following a high demand for values-driven and family-friendly content from consumers, offering them safe programming choices and complete access to the biggest library of topnotch values-based movies, children’s shows, series, and documentaries in the streaming market.

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All content featured on it meets the standards of the nonprofit organization named The Dove Foundation, whose goal is to both encourage as well as promote the making, production, distribution, as well as consumption of wholesome entertainment for family audiences. The nonprofit organization assigns its well regarded Faith and Family Dove Seal of Approval, which serves as a sign of a film’s faith-friendly or family-friendly content and has served as a very useful resource for residential viewers across the nation for more than two decades.

About Cinedigm

For two decades, Cinedigm has been at the front position of entertainment’s digital transformation. Now, it continues its mission by giving content, channels, and several services to the biggest technology, retail, and media companies in the world. Its content aggregation as well as distribution services power the leading digital platforms as well as retailers. The Digital Networks group of Cinedigm gives channels as well as services that entertain customers around the world across hundreds of millions of their devices.

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