The New England Region Is Now Home to More Cable and Internet Stores

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In 2018, Comcast® opened seven more XFINITY® outlets in the New England region in the US, bringing the regional aggregate to 29.

The seven store locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are as follows.

  • The Fresh Pond shopping mall in Cambridge.
  • Legacy Place in Dedham.
  • Holyoke Mall in Holyoke.
  • Assembly Square in Somerville.
  • The Shaw’s Shopping Plaza in Dover.
  • Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester.
  • Seabrook Commons in Seabrook.

Comcast XFINITY® outlets are an essential part of the multi-year strategy devised by what is arguably the nation’s best internet provider. The basic goal of this is to transform customer experience, and to provide a state-of-the-art setting to learn to optimize XFINITY® services and products.

The new XFINITY® outlets have knowledgeable and trained sales consultants, interactive iPads, flat screen televisions, and a devoted seating area for demos of its products and applications.

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  • XFINITY® Mobile service is an essential part of these stores – subscribers can buy mobile phones, or take their mobile devices to an outlet and select a flexible wireless internet data plan based upon preference and requirement.
  • People get to discover the personalized home Wi-Fi experience named xFi, and learn how to view as well as control network devices via the XFINITY® application, website, or voice remote.
  • X1, the next-gen voice remote from XFINITY® TV, is featured in the store as if in a living room setting, so that subscribers can try it and see firsthand how it works.
  • An XFINITY® outlet’s Connected Home Zone showcases how XFINITY® Home combines home automation and home security into a simple experience – subscribers can learn how to control a growing number of IoT devices from their tablet, phone, or XFINITY® Home touchscreen.

Steve Driscoll, Comcast’s Greater Boston regional VP of Sales and Marketing, said that “As our offerings evolve and expand, we want to bring our customers a retail experience which showcases the power and innovation of our XFINITY® products and demonstrates how they work together. Our store employees have a passion for technology, provide great service and work one-on-one with each customer. Plus, in many stores like Manchester, we also have multi-lingual employees to better serve that community.”

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