Traditional TV Spots and Experiential Events Set New Wave

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A popular sports league such as NHL or NFL creating a full advertisement campaign is not done usually. The brand advertising campaign is typically created by a third party or its in-house ad agency. That is, until Drone Racing League, designed for those who want to race drones at above 80 miles per hour on racecourses, set a new wave in the ad industry.

It is proving that it is more than just a progressive sports league by expanding its marketing teams and in-house media to create advertising campaigns for brands such as Swatch. The latest marketing effort of DRL is for telecommunications company Cox Communications®.

Why Select it to Create a Full Brand Campaign?

Cox®, for one, was in search of a way to show customers that it is more than just a cable provider, but a telecommunications company helping to build a new future. The ideal way to communicate that story – with a combination of standard TV spots and experiential events – was not necessarily by working with an advertisement agency (even though the agency of the brand namely Doner did help out a bit) but by partnering with a forward-thinking brand, that is DRL.

“We are pretty much building the internet for this and the next generation, which is awesome, but it’s not how people think about us. People do think about us as a cable company, and we are not that,” said the Senior Vice President of Brand for Cox Communications®, Gaston Vaneri. “We need to find new and more exciting ways to get our story out there, because it’s leading technology, and it’s massively exciting that we are going to build the internet of the future. It should come through that way.”

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The CEO of Drone Racing League, Nicholas Horbaczewski, added that the two brands have “incredible passion for speed.” He explained, “We learned that [Cox® was] looking for not just brand integrations, but original content creation and a complete 360 campaign involving multiple elements, which is exactly in our wheelhouse.”

A key component to come out of their corroboration is a television spot that features Nick Willard, the star pilot of DRL who Cox® sponsors during races. In the advertisement, he flies a custom-built drone named “DRL Racer3” around his mother’s residence at super fast speed; it is powered by Cox® Wi-Fi, making sure that there is no delay that could end up in broken vases or crashes.

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