5 Ways To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

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One of the best things about fast internet is that it lets you get a lot of work done in a fairly short time. This may involve sending files, downloading and uploading images to a blog, or simply getting new website pages to load, either one after the other or simultaneously. Sometimes a few tweaks can make your broadband connection a lot faster than it usually is.

Fixing The Internet Speed

Your current internet speed and data cap are the only limits to how much information you can send or receive when you are connected online. A speed test done online will let you know if you have a slow connection.

Assuming you know the speeds you are supposed to be getting (what the ISP promises with your current package), and that you are not fond of calling for support every once in a while, the following steps can help fix your speed problem.

  • Try using a different modem/router: Your modem should be able to handle the speeds your internet plan provides, and if it doesn’t, you should try using another one.
  • Clean out viruses: Malicious software such as viruses and adware can slow down your connection speed by hogging data bandwidth. Also, internet speed isn’t the only thing these malware use up. Detect and remove them at the earliest, and repeat this regularly.

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  • See if there is on-system interference: This ties in with the above step. It may be a harmless program or software that is slowing down the connection. In that case, it is smart to exit them for the time it takes to finish your work.
  • Check the filters: If your internet connection passes through a phone line that also has telephone service running through it, it is imperative that the filters installed and used be of good quality. Filters are the small plugs you see attached to the phone line, and they assist in tuning out disturbances in the connection. If you are using ADSL2+ or cable, make sure you have the right type of filter for that.
  • Check if there is any external interference: Many people try using their devices right next to a working modem, and wonder why the internet is so slow. There may be electromagnetic interference if you do that, which is why it is best to get such electronics out of the way when you need the internet to be reliably fast.

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