Altice Offers Lightening Fast Broadband Well Before FCC Commitment Time

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Altice USA, a subsidiary of Altice Group, has announced their decision to offer ultra high-speed broadband internet services to their customers in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. After acquiring Cablevision, Altice became the fourth largest cable company in the US, and at present, serves around 4.6 million users across twenty states.

The announcement of the increase in internet speeds from a previous maximum of 101 Mbps to 300 Mbps for home users and 350 Mbps for business users came about fourteen months before the time to meet the speed increase requirements that FCC outlined before the final approval of the merger. The increase in speed replicated Altice’s plan in New York.

“Altice USA is excited to launch significantly faster speeds across the Optimum footprint, made possible by investment in our superior network and infrastructure,” said Dexter Goei, Chairman and CEO of Altice USA. “We are particularly pleased to be able to meet our public interest commitments more than one year ahead of schedule.”
Goei further said that, “Across the globe, Altice’s business model is centered on delivering the most advanced technology and capabilities. Today’s accelerated introduction of faster Optimum broadband speeds marks only the beginning of the new products and service enhancements that we plan to bring to our customers in the U.S.”

Altice acquired cablevision in July, and they are already meeting the commitments requested by FCC. Altice is also ensuring that their offerings are affordable to their customers, in addition to the increase in internet speeds. Apart from the faster tiers, Altice also offers 200 Mbps services that are available for less than sixty-five dollars a month. Users can also get 60 Mbps service that is twice as fast as the threshold set by FCC for broadband, for just forty-five dollars a month.

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“Altice committed to build out faster broadband by the end of 2017, and now has done so over a year ahead of schedule,” said FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. “I am always pleased when a company abides by, and indeed exceeds, its merger commitments, particularly when it means better broadband for millions of Americans.”

Understanding the importance of this service offering, Multicultural Media Telecom & Internet Council President & CEO Kim Keenan said, “When it comes to the internet, speed is everything. Altice has exceeded its own projections by building out faster broadband even faster. This is how we will connect every American so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in our digital economy now.”

Even for folks on the ground, this new service expansion is a game changer. “The introduction of faster internet speeds by Altice USA is a major step forward for Optimum customers in the Bronx,” said Ruben Diaz Jr., President of Bronx Borough. “We are pleased to witness Altice USA’s commitment to our borough’s connectivity needs and we look forward to an on-going partnership and the continued delivery of quality telecommunications services to our residents and businesses.”

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